Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My first few days in Mykonos!

HEY EVERYONE!  first things first, all I can say is, WOW.

Okay day one of my travels, longest flights ever.  I was in four different countries in less than 24 hours -- talk about alien time travels.  I heard English, French, Hungarian and Greek all in one day, crazy!  Good flights got lost in Paris airport, that was a mess.   We then arrived in athens completely delirious and out of it and stayed in a nice hotel with the best beds and fluffiest pillows, was the best 14 hours of sleep  and room service I've ever had.

We woke up day 2 - had to get to the port and get on a ferry to Mykonos.  We walk to the top floor of the hotel and BOOM we forgot where we were.  The hotel in the middle of Athens, Greece 360 degree view of  the beautiful, historic city and overlooking the acropolis.  It finally hit, I was in Greece and in utter shock.  It was amazing the feelings me and Abby got.  We took some photos and it was back on the road again.  We get to our ferry and I had my first Greek salad --- MMM most delish feta ever.  We hop on our ferry trekked through the blue waters with hilly islands surround us.  Blasting music in my headphones pumping me up for the summer.  We get off the boat and our jaws drop (shocker number 1).  Like literally when you google image "Mykonos" its the exact picture you see in real life.  White cement walls, blue shutters, crystal blue waters and the Greek language chattering away.  We looked for our ride to the resort to get settled in and get acquainted.  The bus driver seems pretty unfriendly at first and then we see empty wine bottles rolling around the floor and then stops at a grocery store and comes back in the bus with 4 more bottles of wine.  yup he was fucked up, welcome to mykonos hahaha.  After we realized that he was just a nice guy wanted more of his booze.  We arrive at the resort get settled in, in our little cave room.  Lets just say we need a lot of decorations, bug spray and body spray -- oh and I pee where I shower and sleep with the mosquiters ahha.  But honestly I can't complain, I sit on the beach and in the most beautiful place on earth you have to over look the bad with the good!  We meet all our new coworkers and look around the club.  First thing as  I look out the view of the club is the (shocker number 2) nudists on the beach below me.  wow, Im really going to have to get use to things here.  I just cant take naked old men seriously when doing that like realllly!?!?  Anyways we eat dinner, settle in and go out into the town for a crazy first night out -- and oh boy it was.  We went to 2 different bars/discos and met so many fun people.  This is just the beginning of our amazing summer and so many more stories and PICTURES to come.

Day 3- we have a meeting with our boss and get ready for the party at the club tonight... can't wait!  everyone is so nice here and treating us very well.  Me and abby went into town today to get a cell to talk to our co workers.  We get dropped off in the middle of nowhere and buy our phone and essentials for our room like trash bags because you can't flush toilet paper. Now, we wait on the corner and realize no bus is going to come were nowhere near a bus stop if there are any on the island and no taxi can get us because they always have people in them heading the way we need to go.  We were doomed.  I finally just stuck my arm out to every car/scooter/moped thing that drove by.  Was it safe to hitch hike?  Maybe maybe not but I have good instinct so I went with it.  A nice young gentleman pulled over he looked perfectly harmless me and abby could take him out together if he pulled anything wierd.   Anyways guess what his named turned out to be... KOSTAS.  yep, our first kostas in Greece how amazing. Well now I'm all rested up I've been catching up on on my journal and blogging and facebook time sitting on the beach with wifi.  How perfect.  I can't wait for the rest of summer  I am going to be a new person and rejuvenated.  Anyways. Im going to kick it on the beach and have some reflection time overlooking the blue waters with nothing ahead.

"the water is bright blue, the sun is hot and the people are beautiful... Paradise Beach! "

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Greece Peace

Tomorrow is the day.  I leave for Mykonos, Greece in less than 24 hours.  There are so many emotions spinning through my head.  Thrill, anxiety, nervousness and pure excitement.  I have been day dreaming and dreaming about this moment and what seems as imagination and unrealistic becomes real life.  I cannot wait to land in Europe and smell the fresh crisp air and just smile because I am back in the place I love the most.  I can't wait to send postcards to all my friends and family and share stories on here about the great times I am having and share all my travel advice!  I cannot wait to tell my children about this time I am going to make the most of it - YES girl 100%!

Spending a quarter of a year in the one of the most beautiful island in the world.  My story is just beginning and I cannot waitttt for this time to start.  I land in Athens on the 14th and I can't wait to share my first story!

Until then, peace - I'll be in Greece.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finally Up to Date!

So now that I have finally shared all of my exciting senior year and post graduation trips with you.  It’s time to hear about my present adventures.  So throughout the year, I realized that I do not want to live in America and I need to find a job in Europe because it’s just more my style.  I seriously researched for months trying to figure what I could possibly do to be there.  I had to take in consideration of all the legal, economic and language barriers first.  Here were my options.

1.     Au pair (can you say boring?)
2.     Teach English (do I really want to take more schooling?)
3.     Graduate school abroad (do I REALLY want to go back to school this soon?)

I was doomed.  But then a friend of mine from Italy saved my life and forever thanks to him introduced me to an island I have never heard of in the most beautiful country in Europe with the most insane party scene.  HOW FREAKING PERFECT!  This island is Mykonos and is located in Greece.  I did my research and was determined to get a job.  I emailed numerous clubs, restaurants and bars and got a few responses.  I decided to take a promoting and VIP waitressing job at Paradise Beach Club one of the best on the island.  I got the job and even got Abigail a job too.  My summer was set.

I purchased my one-way flight to Greece and it feels SO good.  This could possibly be the best summer adventure ever.  I cannot wait to meet new faces and see new places.  The opportunities ahead of me are infinite.

Purchasing a one-way ticket to Greece with current financial crisis has freaked out so many friends and family.  I am aware of what is going on but I also am smart and have a great sense of judgment and instinct.  The thrill is exhilarating and the fear of unknown is present.  This is just the way I live life, most people think it is crazy, I think of it as a growing experience and an inspiration to others to motivate them to do the same.  What are you waiting for?

48 Hours in Las Vegas.

Networking pays off. Got to enjoy a trip out in Vegas with my two homies Abigail and Raegan for a a few days. Boy were we spoiled!  We stayed at the Palms, went out to the best clubs and partied at Pure with an amazzzzing DJ playing.  We went to Wet Republic and twice and watched LL Cool J perform and gambled our asses off.  What a great trip and the best way to spend time in Vegas, the things we did were ridiculous!  Check out the video Abigail made :)

YouTube of our Vegas Vacation

Until next time!

Arriving in Vegas
First day @Wet Republic
The gals and I
Our lunch... dankkkk

First night out
dancing hehe
DJ Casanova
Playing dead at Ceasars!
Second day @Wet Republic
<3 my girls


300 of the most famous DJ's from all over the world in Miami!  What a thrill and was so eager to experience the madness!  Everyone should go to Ultra just to feel the vibes and energy of this festival. Unreal!

Here's a video of our little trip to Miami for this festival.

YouTube of Ultra!


<3 Can't wait for Ultra 2011!